User interface for DualSPHysics

Made in FreeCAD

DesignSPHysics works inside FreeCAD to allow users with CAD knowledge to use DualSPHysics with a familiar tool. Due to FreeCAD ease of use, allows a begginer to learn to design cases very fast.

In addition, FreeCAD is open source and free!

Integrated pre-processing, simulation and post-processing

Although its primary function is to create cases for DualSPHysics, it integrates all the functions needed to design, simulate and post-process cases, so you can use FreeCAD as your common driver, without code.



Integrates with FreeCAD, so keeps it simple and easy to use.

Design Capable

Uses FreeCAD to design, so creating scenes is simple yet integrated


All in one place. There's no need to edit external files or work with text files or code.

Custom save and load

Saves and loads custom DualSPHysics proyects, so the user doesn't have to think about the structure.

Integrated simulaton capabilities

While mantaining command line capabilities, DesignSPHysics can run a simulation with a click of a button.

Friendly UI

Easy to use, easy to learn. Designed to make problem solving as easy as possible.

Need help? Check out the wiki.

The wiki contains information and help for installing and using DesignSPHysics.

DesignSPHysics Wiki


DesignSPHysics is still in development. Download a preview version for testing.

DesignSPHysics is under development since september 2016.
The current early version are in Beta stage, so it is usable but not the final product.
You can use the current version to find errors and make suggestions.

Current version: 0.5-beta (06-06-2018)

* Requires FreeCAD version 0.16 or higher